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Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is important for one’s overall health and can help in preventing and controlling numerous diseases and health conditions. Whether one is overweight or underweight, reaching an optimum weight bracket based on one’s body fat percentage, muscle mass, water weight, visceral fat, bone density, etc. is critical for everyone.

The human body is complex in both its structure and functionality- each of us have different bodies with different needs. Our lifestyle, heredity, hormonal imbalances, and immediate environment play a role in diseases such as obesity and malnourishment. Every time we eat, we are provided with an opportunity to nourish our body. An individualized nutrition plan catering to you in a way that is result oriented and sustainable is just what you need to meet your ideal weight and muscle goals.

Nutrition Defined offers an integrated solution based on advanced research, acclaimed practices, medical history, and lifestyle. We treat food as the main agent in helping you reach your goals, providing you with customized nutrition plans and regular follow-ups which ensure that your body is healthy, strong, and thriving.


Fat Loss   |   Muscle Gain

Fat Loss
Muscle Gain

Program Features

Personalized meal plan

Healthy recipe guide

Lifestyle and habit plan

Maintenance guide

Blood report analysis

Menu Navigation when eating out

Multiple check – ins / Chat support

Weekly consultation sessions

Personalized meal plan

We cater to your food psychology, work schedule, daily routine, travel plan, allergies and blood work to build a bio-individualized meal plan. Know what foods to eat, when, how much, how to listen to your body and hunger cues, with as much flexibility as you need.


Choose the plan that works for you & begin your fitness journey today!


Curated Wellness Programs


Weekly Customised Meal & Lifestyle Plans

Blood Report Analysis

Weekly Sessions with your dedicated dietitian

6 one-on-one sessions with Ridhima Batra

6 days a week on- demand support via chat, phone, email (10am - 6pm)

How to Eat Out, Menu Navigation Guide

Healthy Recipe Guide

Maintenance Guide

Family & couple plan are available

Our Promise

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No Fat / Unhealthy Diets
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100% Scientific Methods
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Personalised for you
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Constant Support

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