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Workshops for Corporates

The competition we engage in to achieve our goals slowly starts to burn us out and cause an imbalance in our life. In trying to complete the tasks at hand, we compromise on our health. We at Nutrition Defined, want to help your employees achieve a healthy balance through various activities in our corporate workshops. Our workshops will help employees to commit to healthy lifestyle changes, to avoid burnout. At Nutrition Defined, we step in, to offer guidance on healthier meal plans accommodating the work culture for a fitter body and mind. We will be busting the myths around eating habits and demonstrate tools to achieve mental and physical balance. We have experts who mentor individuals as well as groups towards a complete wholesome meal plan to transform your outlook towards your food and help you be more productive.

Workshops for Schools

Nutrition defined aims to guide young minds towards nourishment and developing a healthy relationship with their bodies. It is essential to teach youngsters that health and happiness does not come through following societal standards but listening to your body and giving it the love it deserves. Our bodies are different and we must learn to respect them. The workshop helps them plan their meals according to their tastes, choices and nutritional requirements and are full of interactive games and exercises for participative interaction between the children and mentors.

Students will be suggested to include energy giving and body-building food, vitamins and minerals in their meal plan and avoid junk and adulterated food for proper growth and development. They will also be made known the side effects of excessive junk food like obesity, diabetes, etc. The importance of a balanced diet, physical exercise and proper sleep, for sound mental and physical health and also, the damaging effects of exponentially increasing digital dependence will be stressed upon.


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