Ridhima Batra

Nutrition Defined is the brainchild of Ridhima Batra. She is a renowned clinical dietitian, a certified diabetic educator, and a specialist sports nutritionist, with over 6+ years of experience.

Ridhima is incredibly passionate about helping people understand the importance of nutrition in their lives and supporting them in altering their lifestyle habits to optimize their health – to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve a balance so as to live a long and happy life, free of ailments and health problems.

She recognizes that each person is dynamic with different lifestyles and that the nutrition plan should complement exactly that. A holistic undertaking that should be initiated keeping in mind a person’s unique needs with an access to the education they need to support their health to make small but impactful changes at a time. She provides confidential, personalized nutrition advice to meet the health and lifestyle requirements, whether for weight management or to manage a medical condition. Her guidance and support have helped over 12000 people in their wellness journey to optimize their eating habits and improve productivity.


Our Philosophy

Taking care of your health can sometimes be a daunting task given our fast paced and stressful lifestyles. With the constant pressure of work, personal commitments, and daily chores we end up compromising on the quality of food we eat, the time we spend exercising and taking care of our emotional and mental wellness. Additionally, certain supplements, weight loss pills and the trendy fad diets turn out to be a hoax. To respect our body, we need to unlearn the ‘get thin in 2 weeks mindset’ and understand that health in the long run does not work like a magic trick.

What is needed more than ever, is a conscious incorporation of healthy practices into our daily lives, so that there is no need for over the top measures to get back in shape. Instead, the journey towards fitness starts inwards and continues with healthier choices.

At Nutrition Defined, we want to empower you to make these healthy and life changing choices yourself and grow as an individual. We help you master meal planning, reset digestion, manage health concerns through personalised nutrition and lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle has positive effects on all aspects of our life, be it energy levels, mood, and body. We recognize the individuality in all of us, the need for a customized unique solution and want to design a holistic nutrition plan for you based on your bio-individuality, root cause keeping in mind your lifestyle and needs. Nutrition is all about balance and having a positive relationship with your food.

With the right practices, you will be able to observe the positive changes yourself!

Nutrition Defined offers
an integrated solution based on


Who is this for?

  • Adults looking for that extra personalized attention to their unique nutritional needs, medical conditions, supplements, and more.
  • Individuals who are confused about nutrition and are looking to work with a credentialed nutrition expert.
  • People who want to be able to show up as a healthier, more energized version of themselves.
  • Adults who are eating somewhat ‘healthy’ but not getting results.
  • People interested in creating health and managing aging symptoms after 50.
  • Couples who are looking forward to fertility focused diets.
  • Expecting mothers / mothers who want proper nutrition intake during and post their gestation period.
  • Parents looking forward to ensure their child’s get adequate nutrition during their crucial growing years

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